Aroma esthetics [RAKU]

Aroma esthetics [Renacitur]

Anti-aging esthetics "Lunasita" "Lunasita" means "rejuvenation" in Latin. It features massage using natural cosmetics. You will be amazed by the youthfulness brought by the synergy effect of onsen and esthetics.
※Reservation is required.

Renacitur esthe&Treatment program

Facial + decolletee + head + hand
8,000yen ~ 13,800yen for 55min.
5,000yen for 30min.
Special menu
19,800yen ~ 25,000yen for 115min.
Body Esth
10,500yen ~ 16,800yen for 55min~ 85min.
Mens Esth
9,000yen ~ 14,000yen for 55min~ 85min.