With 500 years of history, the guest rooms of this hotel have different looks depending on the times they were built. Pay attention to that and you will be able enjoy your stay even more.


The spacious entrance of the wooden corridor is its feature.

Corridor connecting Guest Rooms

Covered outdoor walkways connect the guest rooms to the main building.


The lobby lounge is lined up with brown sofas resembling the color of hot spring water. There is also a souvenir corner.

 Gift shop

The souvenir corner is popular among women and it offers a variety of goods.

Aroma esthetics [Renacitur]
エステ 「ルナシータ」

Anti-aging esthetics "Lunasita" "Lunasita" means "rejuvenation" in Latin. It features massage using natural cosmetics. You will be amazed by the youthfulness brought by the synergy effect of onsen and esthetics.

Private room "Korurinoma"

For events like small parties, the tatami floored private room "Uguisu" is very convenient. Remove the tatami and it will turn into a table tennis room.

Cafe "Rakusuirakusan"
楽水楽山 カフェ

"Rakusuirakusan" opens as a café from 9:00 to 18:00, and becomes a bar from 18:00 to 24:00. (The last order at night is 23:30) There is an entrance on Ishidangai so it's okay to drop by.